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NEWS! Nexile becomes the legal guardian of JING!

What is Jing?

Simple. Jing is Jing!

Mr Nexile shaking hands with Kyle, completing the adoption of Jing (Circa: April – 2022)

Uncovering the Character

One of many research-documents that went into the identification of Jing

The presence of this entity was at first mysterious. But after rigorous research our finest experts eventually uncovered Jing’s identity after nailbiting midnight hours of esoteric reading and browsing community chat-logs.

That is all folks!

We will be back with other Jings topics in the not too distant future. How much do you love Jing?
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Team Nexile
Team Nexile

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  1. Recently watched a game similar to JumpKing on the channel of Asmongold.
    It is called “AltF4”. :)
    Gave me such JumpKing vibes. It’s kinda like JumpKing3D. ^^

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