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“Brave the nightmarish menaces of The Heights, mudman! Show your worth! Or succumb to the comfort of decay, like so many others before you…”

Uncover a strange vertical world in JUMP KING QUEST, the unhinged Multiplayer-Combat-Platformer-RPG follow-up to the Original Tactical Leaping Adventure!

Be mindful! Tension is rising in The Lands Where The Sun Don’t Shine! Heh, heh, heh…


The Lore and Story of the Jump King World deepens in this greatly expanded sequel, which takes place in an Era far removed from that of the first game; The Time of ARMABOGGIN.

The End Times are upon The Heights, Armaboggin is looming. But in the darkness you hear the call of The Smoking Hot Babe at The Top… The stars have aligned, the new generation – the Redfins – have arrived in The Heights! From among them, THE CHOSEN ONE will rise.

Cover art illustrated by Goran Gligovic, with Layout + Colors by Trapezius

Evil Lord Krulk

Will you, a mudman of no renown, go onwards and upwards to do what you must? 

Will you stop the EVIL LORD KRULK from destabilizing the Equilibrium of The Heights?

Many are those who wish to claim the Babe Powers for themselves, but there can be only One True Jump King!

Will you prove yourself worthy of the title Jump King?

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High Stakes Multiplayer Action

In a world where the only law is gravity, who can you trust? Team up with friends or explore alone, encountering other players as you venture into a world where there is no Game-Over, only falling down…

Percy Nileborne

Game Features

  • Dynamic multiplayer system where players encounter each other as they move through the game-world.
  • Compelling challenges that combine the Original Jump King platforming mechanics with a novel yet fully-fledged fighting-system.
  • Anyone you meet could turn friend or foe, no distinctions in the game system between friendly and enemy players.
  • No Game-Over screen – you have to live with your mistakes and get back up yourself if you fall.
  • A meticulously designed interconnected world for players to explore, with many nooks and crannies.
  • Leveling System that ensures extended replayability and considerable player expression.
  • There is a Smoking Hot Babe at The Top!
  • Customizable player character with a unique visual style.
  • New 2.5D graphics style with variable camera movement makes the world of Jump King gain a new level of depth and immersion.
  • Hand-crafted environments and a grounded level-design for a rich experience.
  • Enemies that don’t hold back. Better flee than fence poorly – but they might catch up if you don’t watch out!

Screenshot Gallery

Note: The above screenshots are raw and un-edited, they were taken in-game in a development version of the game and all content is subject to change.

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