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Jump King Quest Store-Page is up!


The official cover art, Illustrated by the legendary Goran Gligovic with Layout+Color-Mastering by Trapezius.

The Jump King Quest Steam Page is now live! Not only can you finally wishlist the game, you can also follow it to get all the updates about the development, and discuss in the Community Forum!

To never miss an update, make sure to also keep an eye on our website, join our Discord and follow our Twitter!

The Quest

It’s friend-against-friend-against-foe in The Heights! Millions must jump in the time of Armaboggin – the long prophesized End Times – but only the one true Jump King will reach the top…

But don’t be mistaken, some things are certainly easier with an ally at your side. Be careful though, treachery is in the air – stay wary of who you trust! Many are the forces that want to claim the power of The Babe as their own…

The Spirit of The Babe

Ages have passed since the last Jump King’s ascent, the Smoking Hot Babe is all but forgotten to most that dwell in The Heights. A distant myth, an illustrious delusion for the freshly spawned. But in the shadows many forces secretly scheme to claim her, and attain the legendary Babe Powers…

The Redfins

Born in the time of Armaboggin, the Redfin generation of Mudmen first began spawning when the Red-Fish-Constellation appeared in the night sky. From among them THE CHOSEN ONE will rise, but his whereabouts and identity are still a mystery…


Born late in the Redfin generation you are a Mudman of little renown. Your choices will shape your soul, but there is an upside to every fall… You must find your own path and play to your strengths if you hope to have a chance at reaching The Top…

Percy Nileborne

The beloved hero PERCY NILEBORNE is a generous and gallant Mudman with charisma and grace. Spawned at the same time as you from The Bog you are as cousins to each other.


KRULK is feared by all civilized folk throughout The Heights. Word is that this brutal overlord of The Great Frontier is amassing an army in his Black Castle, in the Lands Where the Sun Don’t Shine – to conquer the Everyonde and snatch The Babe for himself! He must be stopped at all costs!

They look so dumb, why did I bring them here?” Join with your friends and help/unhelp each other on the way to The Top!
I see more of them coming! We need to get out!” Better flee than fence poorly, though escape might sometimes be more dangerous than you expect.

The brutal world of The Heights offers no respite for the meek… Only YOU can choose how you tackle this great adventure! Will you stand together or alone? Are your friends really your friends? Perhaps they are merely biding their time, awaiting the moment when your back is turned to strike…

Check out more screenshots on the Steam Page and the new Jump King Quest page!

Join the discussion and show your hype in the Steam Forums or on our official Discord!

Prepare for Adventure, WISHLIST NOW!

Team Nexile
Team Nexile

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