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Jump King Quest – One-way platforms

Thomas here!

I want to share something cool from the development of JKQ. Namely “One-way platforms”!

The point is to have platforms where you can enter through from one side and not another. You can’t land on top of a One-way that [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED], it acts as if you were jumping “in front of it” rather than “on it”. To get on top you have to [REDACTED][REDACTED]

How One-ways work

  • You pass through them from all sides that are not [REDACTED]
  • [REDACTED][REDACTED] One-way means you can not land on it in the [REDACTED](you have to [REDACTED])
  • If you reach zero health which means you are [REDACTED][REDACTED] you will [REDACTED] the platform if you [REDACTED] on top of it instead of [REDACTED]

What they are for

  • Creating a slight feeling of [REDACTED] between platforms
  • New cool [REDACTED][REDACTED] that did not exist in the original Jump King
  • New types of interesting dynamics for [REDACTED](it is pretty important that we can design that well)
  • New dynamic and [REDACTED] paths (which allows for more open levels)
NOTE: This is Thomas’ interpretation and might not align with the original intentions of the level design team. -erkstock
Regarding health
If you run out of health and “die” you can [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED]. We want moments in JKQ where you have a chance to encounter enemies or even [REDACTED] and experience [REDACTED] on top of these platforms.
I have [REDACTED][REDACTED] I want to share in the future. If I can get them approved by the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. This is some [REDACTED] we are talking about!

See ya
Thomas of Tawny
Thomas of Tawny

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