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JKQ development entering phase 2

Jump King 4th Anniversary
Today is the 4th anniversary of Jump King! We’re celebrating with a special event hosted by Thomas of Tawny including a double-plushie giveaway, the winners decide what new merch we’ll make! Check out the details here!

We’re running a limited big sale on Steam right now! (get it for your friends!!)

Jump King Quest Development Update

We kinda have a little bit of an announcement, we just wanna be completely transparent with you guys..

We’ve been working hard in the shadows on this project for quite some time… You may even think that we are close to getting finished with the game! (you are wrong :D)

Here is the current status:
  • We are close to satisfaction with the core mechanics
  • The technological foundation for multiplayer is in place


Development since early 2020 hasn’t been silky smooth all the way – it has taken a few dramatic turns behind the scenes!

Lead programmer lord erkstock was not prepared for the initial (insane) scope of the project, so the networking fundamentals were reworked multiple times as we learned new things and tested the project internally.

The direction of the mechanics also changed course multiple times. We only recently got on a satisfying track for the core systems of the game.

Thanks to our new programming lead (lord Vidar) coming in early this year, erkstock is now free to get a grip on the project management and the product as a whole (instead of being bogged in code).

unbothered. moisturized. in his element. a harmonious erkstock after the new programming lead hopped on

We’ve made some recent adjustments to the structure of the company and are putting more effort towards project management and moving faster towards a finished product […] we are extremely determined to bring this project to the finish line!

– erkstock

Phase 2 Approaching

We have picked up speed thanks to recruiting some great talent (Vidar, Erk), we have the foundational tech in place, and lord erkstock’s new project management is making everything a lot smoother.

We are still testing and working out a bunch of stuff, Right now we’re working on a feature-complete vertical slice of the final game (Sigma): a large area with enemies and RPG elements.

“I don’t think it aint over till we’re done. Its possible that we can catch up in halftime, and if we work as a team and score some goals I think we still have a fighting chance! Yeah”

Concept Art

While the tech and mechanics have been developing over all this time we have had the opportunity to create tons of concepts and writing that we didn’t have time to do for the first game! Here is a sneak peek :D

Early character concept sketching of the “Killer Kats” by trapezius
Concept sketch of Frog King by trapezius
Concept sketch of Rogue Jump King by trapezius
Concept painting of “Gurglevale” by trapezius

Full Speed Ahead!

It will be very exciting to show you more in-game material as it becomes more presentable. What do you think? Which concept is your favourite??

20 Responses

  1. You guys are amazing. So far It looks like so much love and hard work has been put into this. My favorites of the concept art are the Frog King and Rouge (lighting on the rouge looks awesome).

  2. Even if it’s not close to being complete I’m happy y’all are posting a finished game instead of a rushed game. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air :)

  3. If there is no player collision, then there’s no point in playing this game. Collision is a must have option.

  4. Really cool to see the development behind JKQ. Looking forward to playing the final product, godspeed lads

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