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JK Online has evolved into Jump King Quest!

Kings! Wouldn’t you agree It’s time we made some reveals!?

It’s high time we unveil that ”Jump King Online” has changed name to ”Jump King Quest”! Read on to understand why and see lots of game details… Perhaps even a look at the current in-game graphics! ? Here we go!

Jump King Quest:

Throughout the development, the direction and focus has become more and more clear – which we thought was better reflected with the title ”Jump King Quest”!

With that, it’s time we talk a bit about what the game is actually about! This time we want to expand on the immersion and exploration, and emphasize RPG elements! Thus materialized the idea of Jump King Quest: a True Adventure of Challenges and Extreme Tension!

Of course, the multiplayer will bring a whole new dimension to the game! 


Don’t worry – we will find a way to fit ”babe” into the title at a later date!

Character Concept art for Jump King Quest


Let’s just say you’ll bump into both friends and foes in the world of Jump King Quest! But how should you know who is trustworthy? Well, that will be for you to find out… We want to let you join other players dynamically as you explore the game-world, so you could run into anyone!

We’re doing our utmost to make sure your character feels the same on different connections – and importantly – that other player’s connection quality won’t affect your gameplay. Of course, we are thinking about ways you can play with your best friends!

For some more technical stuff; we have dropped peer-to-peer in favour of a real server hosting solution which we are currently looking into, we also currently have an unlocked framerate (FPS). Super-Smooth jumping ahead!

We have been hard at work realizing the artstyle! (WIP footage)


We heard the Jump King players are quite fond of their pixels, so due to popular demand we decided to make some changes…

All jokes aside, what you are seeing builds on ideas that have been in the works for quite some time!

This new adventure combines pixel-graphics for characters and certain other objects, and realistic visuals for the environments. This ties together the artstyle with the story and themes that underpin the entirety of Jump King Quest… You’ll find out exactly how in time!

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, we always take our time to get the Visibility and Communication right when creating the graphics – we know it’s important when you have as much on the line as in Jump King!

Lastly, we have loads of characters and story ideas that we want to bring to Jump King Quest – so look forward to new lovable NPCs (heh heh heh…) and an even more compelling story than ever before!

We are honestly extremely excited to show you more, rest assured there is a lot of cool stuff growing in the Nexile HQ!

/Team Nexile

What do you think about the name and style, what would you like to see more of? Let us know in the comments!

Team Nexile
Team Nexile

55 Responses

    1. It is tense to wait for sure.
      This is one of those games where you hope it will not be put on a hiatus that will never end.

      For it was too good – hurt us too good and showed us our true limits.
      And we were stronger than we could have ever imagined.

  1. I don’t think bouncing after hitting the ground will be a fun game mechanic.
    Going flat after hitting the ground is what made falling funny. Making it so I have to watch my character bounce while I wait for him to stop is only going to be annoying.

    With the art style shown in the WIP footage, I find it hard to figure out where I could land with the round edges and 3D background. I really hope you change your mind and go back to purely 2D.

    I hoped it would be like the original jump king but built for multiplayer with a new map and maybe game modes for co-op and competitive play.

    But that’s just what I think. I’ll play it anyway :)

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. Something about the 2D style makes the game feel so nostalgic and comfy. Really hope it stays 2D.

      1. Graphics at least are very changeable, they could easily add an option in settings to opt in or out of 3D graphics, although of course that doubles the work for the artists.

        1. That is not at all correct, they can not just easily add an option in settings. That requires a full redesign of a most of the game.
          Look at any 2d game’s code and then look at any similar 3d games code, even a basic movement requires a small change. Do that once, sure its easy…now do it to the thousands of other lines of code.
          You’re asking for a a 2.5d game to recode itself for 2d, which is a lot of work.

          1. Depends on how you code the game, but most object oriented games operate on hitboxes rather than the sprites themselves.. how things look depend solely on the .jpgs and .pngs given for a particular hitbox that may or may not be the same length height of the sprite.. so making something just LOOK differently is very easy actually..

            Now that we cleared that, it’s easy to conclude that you just need a setting to change the graphic elements, this is actually why making texture packs or mods in almost any game is a very easy task.

            Your comment actually makes sense if you assume this is a 2.5d game, in that case, I agree with you, but since we’ve seen that all the previous versions of jump king were completely 2d, I just assumed that the graphics that you see in the demo, is just fake “3d-ish” look, when in reality, in the back, the game still operates on the old 2d code.

  2. I hope theres custom map compability that you can create your own maps or something, like mario maker.

  3. Firstly, I wanna say that that leaning more into the RPG aspect and the description of how multiplayer works sounds really promising. If I’m understanding what you’re implying, and you can “run in to” players randomly during the climb, kinda like Journey, then I think that has huge potential for some really memorable gameplay experiences, if handled well. Also good on you for going with dedicated servers.

    I want to preface this next part by saying that I am only being so critical because I care about the game so much. The original Jump King (+ the DLCs) is one of my favorite games of all time. It is the most challenging, and hence rewarding game I have ever played, and so you guys have got me emotionally invested in the sequel. That being said, in the end this is your game, and you’ve clearly shown your expertise with the masterpiece that is the first Jump King, so take from my feedback what you will.

    I’m going to begin with a comparison between Getting Over It and Jump King. In Getting Over It, the method of movement, the hammer, is unwieldy and hard to control, the terrain is comprised of a random assortment of non-uniformly shaped objects, and the interaction between the method of movement and the terrain can be oftentimes unpredictable. This is where much of the difficulty of Getting Over It comes from, but it also means that when you encounter failure, there is much to blame that failure on other than your own performance.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Getting Over It is a great game, but Jump King took what Getting Over It brought to the table and refined it in all aspects. The method of movement is super simple, and yet has an incredibly high cap, as it is entirely dependent on the player’s ability to accurately measure the passage of time and envision the resulting jump trajectory. The terrain is rigidly consistent, wholly comprised of axis-aligned rectangular platforms with a couple slopes scattered around, and the interaction of the player with said terrain is entirely predictable. This means that when the player encounters failure, they have only their own performance to blame, but that also means that when they eventually succeed, then they truly earned that success.

    In moving toward this high-res art style, I feel that some of that gameplay consistency is being sacrificed. Rounded corners and uneven surfaces are one thing, but in the video we see players actually sinking into the terrain, indicating that internally the collision geometry is still represented as pure rectangles, but the visual geometry now no longer aligns with the collision geometry. Sure, the difference isn’t huge, but when it comes to a game as precise as Jump King, I think that difference is significant.

    Edge contrast is another important point. The original handled this excellently with (for the most part) single pixel thick edge highlights set against darker, static backgrounds, which worked really well aesthetically in the different areas by reflecting the lighting conditions as “edge lighting”. Now, with the introduction of a fully 3D, dynamic, realistically lit, and hence brighter background (which looks gorgeous by the way), that perfect contrast may be harder to obtain. You stated in the post that visibility and communication are important to you, and I believe that, but I can already see some spots in the video where I feel like the lack of proper contrast between the terrain and the background could create some ambiguity. Obviously I can’t judge what the whole game will look like based off of a single screen, I just hope you haven’t painted yourselves into a corner…

    Personally, I’d prefer if you went back to the pixel art aesthetic at least for the actual terrain, but you’ve clearly put a lot of work into the engine and lighting system, and so I can understand if you don’t. Either way I’m still really excited for this game and I’m looking forward to more details you share in the future. And you know, if you ever want another playtester or anything else, feel free to hit me up Bio#4515.

  4. im glad that theres finally an update but the graphics are actually so much worse than the original that it makes me wish i never actually heard of this again
    youre basically sacrificing gameplay for literally nothing

  5. Personally, I don’t like the direction the art style is going in. It makes the exact dimensions of the platforms hard to make out, and the original Jump King’s art style was SO much better than this (in my opinion). This sorta just makes it feel generic and a lot more like Getting Over It and Pogostuck (not to say those games are bad, I just think Jump King is much better than them, both graphically and gameplay-wise). It’s not bad per-say, but if you gave me the option between this and the original Jump King’s art style, I’d choose the original in a heartbeat. If you don’t wanna completely change the visuals, you might be able to just made the platforms pixel-art and keep everything else the same, though I’m not sure if that would work in practice. Everything else about the game seems great though, and the multiplayer seems like it’s gonna be really fun if it’s implemented correctly. Anyways, those are just my thoughts.

  6. This is exactly what I was thinking. Something about the 2D style makes the game feel so nostalgic and comfy. Really hope it stays 2D.

  7. I really have different attach to this game then to the other games. So I really hope you will appreciate my comment for this game.

    I even tried speedrunning this game (15mins at GOTB), which I never did with any game or anything like that whatsoever. They way that this game taught me so much stuff, by just look forward what is ahead of you and don’t even thing about things under that can manipulate your performance.

    When I heard that jump king will be online. I expected yet same game with same graphics but more sophisticated maps, funnier npcs, more hidden treasures and more challenges with online aspects. Just whole new feeling of that game. I thought it will be like a new dimension into Jump King not in art way but in gameplay stuff, that can be interpretly sparkled with something new.

    The way as I see you leading, is probably wrong I would really mainly aim at gameplay things that will make game better and fun, but it will have that Jump King feeling like before. I really feel like 3D graphics sadly seems like a bad idea. I know how much work you probably put into this and hearing these types of comments make you heart shattered. I have to say it but I don’t like this 3D look and where it is leading to.

    Actually, when I heard something like 3D somewhere idk where i get that i thought about looking it like Hot Lava from Klei entertainment.

    There is a thing about leaving your 2D territory of pixel art and going into something unknown that was yet not discovered but, you know WIP and after time it can get better and better. But the think about your memory and knowing where to stand with your character on certain pixel makes it so cool. I as a graphic designer believe that, i probably even approved my eye on graphic vision, but that’s just me.

    The 2D pixel art makes it my most favorite games for me. Its so unique, the way that this game is simply designed with no stupid huds, just simple controls, edges contrasting with background which are sometimes trolling you. I really loved every map from this game, every part is just special, and the artist are really talented, you should be proud. And yes I really love moulding manor, there is a big part of Forsen influence (his streams got me into this game) but also of that ashy, white, forgotten castle, where bog is under you make it so special.

    I think 2D pixel art, was that were your artist really shined, I don’t want to sounds like don’t try something new, but jump king fans in my opinion don’t want to see 3D graphics.

    When I saw that video for first time (which was right now) I was like okay cool, that kinda looks like “moorhuhn” (idk those characters reminds me of that game) improved graphics with a platforms and characters, but the one thing that really makes me uncomfortable was the background and it reminded me of getting over it. And the thing that you guys are not best at these 3D graphics really effected the look of it. I really believe that everything in early stage has something magical in it, but as a jump king fan I really hate to see that it going to this art style.

    I think way better thing will be if you make such a amazing backgrounds like in previous Jump Kings but with maybe like slightly moving object or something that player will not be that much distracted. Something that makes it memorable.

    The thing about meeting people on the way sounds so cool, I really can’t wait for it.

    Also, I really love how game is inspired by Berserk, Dark Souls and maybe more games and things that I don’t know. I would really love to see more pieces influenced in this game.

    With 2D pixel art style, the game feels so consistent and steady, it feels grounded and mistakes that you make are done by you, nobody else. More dynamic style, will make jump king fans madder in my opinion.

    The mechanic by bouncing after falling is something that I don’t know what to say, It may be interesting may not be, we will see.

    The soundtrack is the thing that makes game more memorable and that is a thing that you guys really nailing it. The places where you hear only rain, then wind blowing and some funky music coming from above is just perfection for me, the balance between ambience and music. There are lot of examples of perfect games with a perfect OSTs, when these two things are combined, it is just remarkable. Skyrim + John Cena I mean Jeremy Soule (he firstly composed music to inspire developers, it took him a lot of time), Assassin’s Creed + Jesper Kyd, Risk of Rain + Chris Christodoulou, HoMM II, III and their composers, Crashlands + Fat Bard, Stardew Valley + Eric, Minecraft + C418 (there was that feeling of early stages of minecraft that I experienced where you were at undiscovered world, lonely with bare hands, where music pushed your experience into transcended another levels), Project I.G.I. + Kim M. Jensen, Warcraft music (such a memorable game and music, never got enough of it) there is so much examples I would go forever.

    There is some magic about people who didn’t reached the perfection but still learning and making music. that early stages of their music make it so unique. It really evoques feelings for me when I hear something ancient, medieval. It’s just uhm. Those small details (in WOW) of chain on knight making *cink cink* sound and other stuff that can make this game unique.

    My favorite music is Dreeg’s Theme and remixed version, just brilliant way of
    dust off something old and bring it into new places (reminded me of WOW Cataclysm where they destroyed something that was there for long time and make it into something new, and you never had chance to go back). The first time when I heard Dreeg’s Theme, was exactly what Jump King is, humble, low-cost, which making fun of you, with guy “smoggling” his hands with some cheeky deal for you. Also, Philosopher’s Forest with that Zelda, ocarina time and other old-school games chill vibe. Masse and Sky Blue those pieces are just perfectly fitted into those zones where they belong to. Every piece is just perfection for me. It’s really memorable.

    Back when I saw berserk anime last episodes and when I heard that music I was immediately like: where I heard that music? And yes, now and then it will be jump king that was first with this music then berserk in my mind. :D

  8. Holy fuck some of these comments are highly autistic. Keep the 3D style and do your own thing and don’t give in to these epic gamers. As long as there’s clarity it should be fine

    1. I think actual feedback is much more useful to them and less autistic than “do your own thing”

  9. I like the idea of online jump king, and I like your lore as it is very cool.

    But to be frank the graphics you’ve shown are so incredibly bad. They’re so bad in fact it actually looks kind of good. Which maybe that’s the goal but I don’t know the original graphics were so nice. Maybe it takes to long to produce?

    These graphics look like some 1990s point and click adventure, which again is kind of funny and silly which if is the goal well done but compared to your original game look really bad.

    Ultimately I am excited to see the progress but seriously these graphics look so bad.

  10. Franchement je ne pense pas que les graphismes 3D sont un vrai problème je trouve qu’on voit bien les plateformes mais il faudrait que la 3D reste vraiment en arrière plan car on vois moins bien les plateformes lorsque les arbres en 3D sont devant et non plus en arrière plan. J’espère que vous essayerez d’adapter ces problèmes.

  11. Frankly I don’t think 3D graphics are a real problem, we can see the platforms well but the 3D must really stay in the background because we see less well the platforms when the 3D trees are in front and no longer in the background . But if not I love your game your job must be hard and I don’t worry so that it remains a game of genius.

  12. looks great dont listen to all these people in the comments complaining about the graphics i think they look just fine and move forward the game as a whole. keep it up guys make the game the way u want too.

  13. honestly i’d like to see map making support, it’d help the game be alive for long

    i really love the artstyle although it is weird to see things in 3d the first time, it reminds me of old PopCap games and things like that. It’s silly, and i love it :)

    although bouncing off the ground would be frustrating

    1. Also the first chapter of the old game is honestly my favourite because of the focus on ambient, rather than music, and i really hope this game keeps that kind of mindset, unlike the dlc-s

  14. Reading that people puke because of that new artstyle is cracking me up. That looks nothing else but amazing to me but yeah I get the idea.
    May Nexile bring in a mode that lets you switch to a more “JumpKing 1” like artstyle then.

    Seeing Co-Op or Multiplayer in a game like that excites me!
    The possibilitys I can already imagine with teamplay!

    ° Players build player-ladders by jumping on top of each other
    ° A Player is standing on a pressure-plate which lowers a bridge or something, which basically cuts off a nasty fall-section midway.

    Stuff like that.
    In fact look at my drawing. :)

    Power to the team!! ^_^

  15. I really like the art style of the background and it looks amazing but the character design looks weird and unfitting, but I know this isn’t the final form, but I am super excited to play with friends, I hope that it has brutaly hard maps to accommodate for people who have already beat all of the original game

  16. The 3D model for the King that you showed in the other post looked really cool. I see a lot of people hating on the 3D graphics. It’s not fair to compare the original game to Jump King Quest in a half-finished state. I don’t think you should back down and make the characters pixelated. If you try to satisfy everybody, you’ll end up satisfying no one. I would suggest that you try doing something more stylized with the graphics. Perhaps try to emulate the lighting and coloring of levels from the original game (very colorful and very readable). Also, these white lines look really artificial, especially when they’re the same on every material. Maybe try highlighting the level geometry with light entities from within the scene? Or perhaps you could program the light to interact differently with level geometry and details (make it much stronger on the former, or add a rim light, or fog with very short fall-off). The geometry itself looks alright, but the lighting is very meh.

  17. i really think changing the grahpics to 3d is a bad move, it takes away a lot of the charm and doesnt really add anything.

  18. Yea, Im checking it after a while again, and I’m like about those graphics: It looks so bad that is looks actually cool. The style is unique and silly if that’s what are you going for.

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