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Community Quest Unlock: Unexpected Pen-Pals, New Screenshot!

The community’s valiant efforts helping two pen-pals over the last week has yielded a reward!

Back to the Mud – This is a Work In Progress, all is subject to change!!

The jumpers of the official Jump King discord have been kind enough to help deliver a lost letter between two unexpected pen-pals! Bogman just received a letter from The Imp, you peer over his shoulder to get a glance of what it says:

“…as I was saying – what hubris! That jumping guy should just know his place, like you! You are at least clever enough not to succumb to the temptation of higher ambition! It really doesn’t suit your kind…

I am certain that mudman will falter soon enough, and realize that regardless of his struggle he is not destined for greatness. He will never escape that moist and dirty cradle from which he crawled out of.

My regards,
The Imp”

Look forward to learning more about the topic of the letter. There is much that you do not know…

…that mudman will falter soon enough, and realize that regardless of his struggle he is not destined for greatness.

– Imp

OG Jump King Musicians Return for Jump King Quest!

Nexile can reveal that the musicians of the original Jump King and it’s expansions will return for Jump King Quest!

We are excited to say Nils & Elias of Thörnlund & Eklöf sound, the same composers of the OST for the original game, are back and signed up to create the music and SFX for the new title! We hope that you are as stoked as we are about the amazing melodies and ambiances to come!

Bonus Comic!

Join the Jump King discord for the latest updates today!!! More community quests are on the horizon!



    Not a fan of the graphics, but as long as the game runs well and the graphics do not make it hard to figure out where to jump next, I can live with it.

  2. Just another JumpKing

    Yo! Just wanted to express my gratitude once more.
    JumpKing was a game that gave me something I haven’t felt in years.
    Joy & passion I deemed long extuingished.
    I reached the original babe without any cheats, but could not get over the extrem deep falls in the other routes. No biggy. It just is what it is.

    Brings me joy to hear you are making another game for the same universe.
    May nothing be able to hinder you!
    Thanks for making JumpKing.
    You are great artists!

  3. DAVE

    Huge Jump King Fan! I’m really hype, bold new style! I dig it! A bit worried about the falling physics I saw in the video, but I trust the Nexile Team to bring me something I will fall in love with. Much Love!

  4. Cal

    I think that as long as the gameplay will be good no graphics will get in the way of some carpel tunnel inducing fun.

  5. Bob Wachowski

    The visuals in the og jump king were certainly beautiful, the pixel art was used into great effect, both in a technical and loodic way, reminding me a lot of rain world’s visuals. But the new visuals don’t look a meter far from the original, the showed screens still seem to be melancholic and mysterious paintings. It might not be pixel art anymore but it’s still very obvious where you can and can’t safely stand, and looking through a retro perspective, it feels just natural that the sequel would have “ps1 like visuals”, where the original had 16 bit art style.

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