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About Nexile

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Our mission is to drag the gamers kicking and screaming into the New Experience! :D

We are a supa fresh game development company based in Uppsala, Sweden. Now hard at work on Jump King Quest, the long awaited multiplayer-sequel to the OG tactical leaping adventure.

Prepare yourself, gamer!

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Nexile is always on the lookout for fresh talented cr3ators!! Or u might just wanna have a lil chitchat??

Legendary History of Nexile

Nexile founders met on a desolate island where they were tried and tested.

After many moons, the company Nexile AB was founded as the dark winter of 2019 turned to spring. A secret pact to restore magic to the games industry was entered.

Nexile released Jump King on PC the same year. The first step in The Plan was complete.

Jump King was expanded with DLC, and ported to several other platforms over the following years.

What felt like eons passed, only once in a blue moon did they show any sign of life.

But in the shadows the creators at Nexile toiled day in and day out on the Jump King Quest project…